Enjoy spark app window bug

  • Does anyone know away to get around this problem:

    • Go to liked songs on the Spark app
    • Select one
    • A tiny window briefly appears asking me if I am enjoying the spark app
    • The window isn’t on screen long enough to click on
    • No song starts and if I try again, the little window appears and I still don’t get time to click on it

    Basically, I’m locked out of playing any songs on the app. I’m guessing there’s a counter running in the background that asks for a like after x uses, but it isn’t properly implemented. I’m certain that a reinstall would reset the timer, but should I really need to do that?


  • Android? Apple?
    Did you try a restart to clear the cache?

  • Apple. Restart just took me back to the same bug, however I did find a solution. Selecting one of the songs from the music front page, brought up the same dialogue box, but this time it didn’t disappear so I was able to select it. Problem solved.