Recommendations for Wireless/RF headphones

  • So, I'm sure most of us are aware that Bluetooth headphones aren't up to the task for silent practice or jamming with the Spark.
    With that in mind I got some Sony WH-RF400 headphones ($100 on Amazon). My initial impression was that they would work just fine, having played thru them for a few minutes. Unfortunately they seem to be sensitive to any kind of EMI which results in popping noises or crumpled up paper kind of noise. The noise appears randomly but enough to irritate the bejesus out of me.

    It looks like the market is geared towards BT while the RF offerings, at least from my searches, seem to be scant at best.
    Anyway, I'm looking for some recommendations from anyone who has had success with any other brand of noiseless wireless headphones. These Sony's are being returned!

  • @bluesman55

    I purchased a Royal RF wireless headset from Amazon several years ago which is no longer available. Quite happy with it most of time. The one downside is that it will "pop" and sometimes make other noises which go away by turning the base to different angles. Still, well worth the minor noises and has good fidelity. Below is a link for a similar looking system. My guitar also has a Joyo wireless system, so I am completely cable free which awesome!

  • Ah, thanx for the reply. Yep the Sony's that were making random pops and bloops have been sent back.

    In the couple of days since I opened this topic I found a decent deal on a pair of Sennheiser RS-120's for a few bucks less than the Sony. They're a definite improvement. I'm beginning to think it's all about placement of the transmitter or as you said turning to a different angle. On advantage the Sennheiser's have is the ability to fine-tune the RF signal. So far so good!

  • Glad the Sennheiser's are working well for you. When the Royals die one day, (so far have just replaced a set of batteries once), I will check them out. So far the popping and hissing happens quite irregularly, but can be startling at times, still they are well worth it. Now I hate being tethered to a cable at all while playing.