Presets for Allman Brothers

  • Hi. I find the structure of this form confusing so I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right place. I am new to this and I’m wondering how I find presets for the Allman Brothers sound. I play a Les Paul primarily. Thank you in advance!

  • @ian In fhe upper right of the Spark App is the Tonecloud icon. Click that and then once you get here, in the search bar type ‘allman’. You will see 11 patches with allman in the name. Preview each one. If any sound close, download and save it to one of the catagories on the Spark App. Note that some of these presets may have been created with Bias FX/Amp, so won’t sound correct on the Spark, but hopefully some of these were created by Spark users.

    Once you download and save a preset to the Spark App, you can then recall it and tweak it to your liking and save the tweaked version on your Spark App by clicking the ‘overwrite’ button.


  • @bschultz8 Wow. Amazingly helpful. Thank you!

  • @ian I previewed the ones I found on the search and they all worked with the spark, but most seemed to have more gain than I hear on Allman Bros recordings, but you can easily use some of these as a starting point and then tweak amp settings as needed to get to the tone you are after.