Link Amazon firestick to Spark

  • Hello,
    I would like to be able to playback Youtube video etc on my TV using a Amazon Firestick linked to the Spark (Like we can on tablets). It has bluetooth capability.
    I managed to get the apk file across to the Firestick and sideload it.
    The logo comes up and then it crashes back to the desktop.
    there should be enough control in the Firestick app on a mobile phone or the handheld remote to do the basic things like select things and move around.
    i know that Spark is not in the amazon app store but even if we had to side load for now that would be awesome.

  • I have gotten a step further. On the amazon firestick, I have enabled developer options, Apps from unknown sources. I then downloaded spark-amp-smart-jam-chords_1.7.2.2763.apk from the Google play store onto my Pc. I installed and used Kodi to grab the files off my PC back to the firestick. I then used downloader to install the APK. I Installed Mouse toggle for Firestick.

    I then joined the Bluetooth audio to the Spark 4.0.

    From here, I started the Spark app. It comes up to the connect screen and then times out waiting for input. I might need a Bluetooth keyboard to get further as the remote lacks the keys needed to continue.

    If i want to forget all the fancy gear, I can open Youtube on the Amazon Firestick, pair the speakers and play along but I miss all the great spark features.

    Has anyone else tried this ?