New Feature Request

  • Hi,

    I don't know if you have this feature in your pipeline, @PositiveGrid, for Spark amp, but it could be very useful to play backing track from "local" files from our iOS or android device. Personally I have got a lot of backing track from my teacher that I use for practice and I can't use it with Spark. Also a more powerful "Liked songs" library management would be appreciated (folder organization, tags, colours etc).
    P.S.: I am very happy of my Spark amp.

  • Anything you can play on your phone will play on the Spark via bluetooth. Might be nice to be able to access the local files via the Spark app also.

  • @pizeta_76 If you've got the latest update of the Spark, you can use your own backing tracks. Just not in a logical way, nor necessarily an easy way. Tap the camera icon as if you wanted to film yourself. In the next screen that opens up you can tap on the "Add Music" bar, from there you can access any mp3 file on your device. Then you can test it out without actually video-recording yourself and play along with it that way. Why the geniuses at PG can't program that sort of ability on the screen where the backing tracks are is beyond me. Many of us want to do what you want to do (and have submitted feature requests like you should, using the Contact Support link at the top of this page) and are very frustrated with the Spark app!