preset catagories

  • To PG just got latest update of Spark app. Still can't create you own preset categories when saving tones. Come on, your users have been asking for this for months and all you do is mess about with smart jam!

  • @howard_enigma You need to submit feature requests/complaints through the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page. While PG appears to monitor this forum often there is no guarantee that any such suggestions or complaints make it to the development team. But using the Contact Support link better ensures that the proper people will get your suggestion (many of us have already asked for this feature to allow us to create our own categories!) -- the more people who make such requests/suggestions/complaints through the proper channels the more likely it is to be worked on.

  • @dhbailey I have used the contact support to suggest this three times now, but I each time they reply that it is a good idea, and other people have also suggested this, but alas nothing ever gets done? So I put this message on the forum as another avenue to try and get some action from PG.
    Fat chance!

  • @howard_enigma I agree it's very frustrating when many people ask for something but nothing gets done about it. I'm thinking that whatever code was written for the storing of tones in categories it was written so poorly that it can't be changed without a total rewrite of everything. At this point, with a lot of suggestions which have been made similar to this suggestion about the categories, such as including an EQ, allowing us to rearrange the effects in a different order, that the only way to make sure everything gets done would be to have enough money to buy the damned company and hire new programmers!