Newest App update problems

  • I just updated the spark amp app to the newest update. Now I have connection problems! also after I choose a patch, it will disconnect from the amp, and I get no sound from the amp. I have to turn off/on the amp and restart to app... I've never had any problems before this update. Please fix asap

  • There was a new Firmware update dated today @ 9:30 ish. I just used it and it went well without any issues.

  • @michael-howell what's the number of the newest firmware update? I just tried to find it at the web-site and the firmware number there is which is the one that came installed on my amp 6 weeks ago. What am I missing?

  • 'last updated' dates on PG pages are totally misleading as they usually bare no relation to when that page was actually updated. Last firmware release was June. (

    I bet if you go back to that firmware page you'll find the date/time has changed again!


  • @carl-galilee Thank you for confirming what I had thought. For all the great products that Positive Grid produces I can't understand why they have to be so sleazy with things like "Last Updated:" or those bogus "12,345 out of 12,750 sold" listing on the purchasing pages which they keep changing. What total crap artists they are!

  • are talking firmware here or app version?

  • @crystalpit Firmware version. PG haven't updated it in many months. And they haven't updated the app very recently either, the last app update being a few weeks ago to version (iOS version)

  • I'm very sorry- I did not know this and assumed that Bias knew what they were doing!

    It said "9:30" or some such MEANING that MORNING!

    Firmware updates are IMPORTANT, so how could anyone be such a bonehead when they dated the release?

  • @michael-howell For some reason Positive Grid have such a poor self-image that they feel they need to continually make themselves appear to be as current as possible. As if being up-to-date were more important in the eyes of the world than being honest and accurate. And they have no need to have a poor self-image -- they have great products with some flaws and certainly some corporate issues (the inclusion of an ungrounded power supply in order to save a few dollars per amp when they initially placed orders with their suppliers being one of the biggest issues) among which is the lack of decent customer support across the board.