Sync’d ToneCloud

  • I use both the Bias iPhone app, and the Bias Desktop app. It’d be great if I could log in to each and see the same ToneCloud/amps. It seems like amps downloaded from ToneCloud only download locally and don’t sync through the account.

    Dan Bieranowski

  • I just want the ability to use iCloud for presets. I have no interest in the Tonecloud personally; I’d rather just manage presets myself.

  • It is a pitty that I can not manage my own tones in the ToneCloud :(

    • set private
    • rename
    • or even delete

  • @sascha-ballweg Yes! Private ToneCloud!

  • @sascha-ballweg
    Agreed, re private setting in ToneCloud. I sent this suggestion to PG via a help ticket recently, would suggest others consider doing so too. The support folks are courteous.

    I use tonecloud to sync work in progress stuff between desktop and mobile and would prefer to have some of my not ready to share stuff private.

    I am currently adding, tresnferring, and then deleting but it really feels silly to do it like that and they are public until the transfer is completed.... I don't want people to see my WIP stuff and think this guy's stuff is no good. ;)

    Also this might help open the door for more commercial preset writers to support Positive Grid products since a user wanting to transfer purchased presets via tonecloud could do so without exposing them to people who have not paid for them.

  • @elric I agree regarding the Support Team. I've worked with @Felix and a few others, and they are all great.