Bias Amp / Bias FX 2 Volume Difference

  • Hi,

    I use both Bias Amp2 and Bias FX 2. I’ve noticed the output from Bias Amp 2 is decent, but when I switch to Bias FX 2, the volume is a much, much quieter, even though the level meters read the same. (No added effects, just importing an amp - any amp.) I’ve tried almost everything I can think of but nothing works. Raising the amp master in Bias FX just introduces distortion, even thought the level is still in the green. Am I missing something here?

  • Not only a volume difference, but the amp also sounds different as well. I have reached out to support and the response was 'bias fx 2 is not designed for amps, it is designed for FX'. I have been trying to get the question answered 'what is imported, what is not?'. Clearly, the reverb is not imported from bias Amp, what else is left behind? The EQ? The tonestack? The amp match? Not having much luck finding out. I was really hoping I would get the benefits of Bias Amp and Bias FX 2 together when I purchased them. Maybe the answer is Amplitube (?) and Bias FX 2? I do not really like the Amplitube interface, but it is the sound that I want.

  • @stifffingers I have also noticed that there is a remarkable difference between setting up and using the amps in Bias Amp 2 and then importing them into Bias FX. Recently I have gone back to the other two amp simulators that I have used in the past, AmpliTube and Mobile POD. Both offer equally good tones in my opinion. However they do not offer the same flexibility or tweakability as Bias FX and the interface may not appeal to everybody. Maybe it is Bias FX's endless possibilities that hampers its stability.

    Personally I think the AmpliTube interface is cooler than than Bias FX. Recently I have checked out GE Labs and THU and they seem pretty okay soundwise, but their interfaces are not to my taste.


  • Yes. Definitely very different sounds. I don’t get the ‘ bias fx 2 is not designed for amps, it is designed for FX’ response. Why would you link the two products if they’re not designed to work together in a consistent manner? I really like Bias Amp 2 and and FX 2. There’s a lot in there that sounds great and I have faith; however, there’s a lot of inconsistency tripping me up. I’m a musician first and foremost and finding these stumbling blocks is frustrating. I had Bias Fx but not Bias Amp (versions 1) so I can’t test to see if it’s an issue with V2.

  • That wouldn’t be the first time I read PG support answers with non sense things. Look here, for example

    I guess people in support are not technical ones. I guess they get questions, they ask technical people and in this chain of questions and answers information gets distorted or missing.

  • I bought bias amp 2 today, but when I transfer to Bias fx 2 not only the volume but the tone also changes. I think bias fx 1 works better. Thinking of asking for refund ...