Window size and scale inside Pro Tools

  • In previous version (BIAS_FX_2_Windows64bit_v2_1_11_4980) the plugin window would grow every single time I opened it to make changes to the settings. In new version (BIAS_FX_2_Windows64bit_v2_2_1_5050) the plugin window is scaled wrong and I can only see about 1/4 of the information in the window with no way to scroll or change the size of the plugin window.

    I'm on a 4k monitor with 150% display scaling.

  • @jurld same problem here. This is what it looks like on my screen!

    I really don't see the point of trying to sell a product that is un useable bc of a basic issue like window sizing. Even if it was good (I have no idea) I can't use it! Plus the app seems to be full of ads.

    Nice effort, guys.

  • @ean Open the FX2 standalone, in the Settings (Gear icon top right) under News & Promotions, set Show Events on Launch to OFF. That will take care of the 'ads' you've been seeing.
    Then under Window Size, make sure it's set to Standard. If it already is, then your monitor resolution isn't going to be supported by FX2 and you'll have to change resolutions to get FX2 to display properly inside Pro Tools.