BiasFX vs BiasFX2

  • Hi
    I'm actually dissapointed, that I'm not able to recreate my old BiasFX sounds on BiasFX2. The downside is it even doesn't sound better, it sounds worse.

    I wanted to make a Video, but OBS won'T record audio from my Line6 UX2 Interface...

    Do you have similar expreiences when switching from 1 to 2?


  • to sum it up I prepared a little soundfile... I set both BiasFX Plugins side by side a copied over every setting I even matched the positioning of the microphones.


    The first is a bit of the DI Guitar, then comes BiasFX and BiasFX2 alternately, starting with BiasFX1.
    FX2 is simply mumbly and the top end is missing. Also I hear kind of a blend with the original DI guitar track.

    What do you think?


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  • @hollyphonhaus said in BiasFX vs BiasFX2:

    @derpapa Hi, the same for me ... the same sounds meticulously set sound different ... also Stereo Picture is different ...

  • @derpapa OBS should be able to access ASIO streams if you add the ASIO capability (I think it is a separate plugin). I do this a lot with Reaper, I output to the Rearoute 1/2 and then OBS is set to audio input Rearoute 1/2 and record the DAW session.

    Also, voicemeeter is a great way, on windows to route various wdm/ASIO stream to a common output.

    If you can provide the patches in tone cloud or google drive or something, this would allow the community to repeat you test. I for one would interested in doing a 2 track comparison in Reaper to see the actual difference. I find bfx2 to be more pleasing to my ears, but I fully get that it will be context dependant (i.e. pickup style, music style, effects order blah blah blah).