• Just got the amp, love it but I'm not very experienced with pedals. Is there a way to increase the sustain of a clean sound without going to overdrive/gain distortion or a lot of compression?

  • @mbthinline Try increasing reverb

  • @mbthinline This depends on the preset, but if it isn't already disabled, you can disable the Noise Gate pedal, or turn-down its sensitivity. This is the first pedal in the chain, and I believe you can only do this in the app, not with the physical knobs. Again, this is a per-preset thing, not an amp-wide thing. But noise gating will be the biggest thing affecting sustain.

    Increasing input volumes can also increase sustain, which includes your guitar's volume pot, as well as the Spark's "Master" volume knob on the amp (or in the app), which increases the preset's virtual amp sim level (as opposed to the physical amp's volume level, which is controlled by the "Output" knob).

  • @blueingreen Thanks for the advice. I already have the noise gate off.

    I guess I'll try some overdrive.