anyone on windows tablet?

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    Ok if you go to Mountain MIDI utilities, they have a program called "MIDI tools"

    If you don't have a virtual MIDI driver, loopMidi works excellent (and will be useful for other things you might want to do)

    Set up loop midi by clicking its + button to add a midi port. Open reaper and look in preferences/device/midi and find the loopmidi port on the input side. Enable it, not enabled + control, just enabled.

    In MIDI Tools, click the "show MIDI controlers" icon

    Once that's up, chose input device and output device as "loopMIDI Port" or whatever you named the virtual port you created for loop midi

    Now in midi controllers hit options, click "none" on the right hand side then check "0:Bank Select". Hit OK

    Click on the fader you see there and you should now be able to use your computer keyboard's arrow keys to cycle thru the rows in SWS Live Configs. You may need to go thru them a few times to get them to behave right

  • ok so i got all the way up until I am able to click on the fader in miditools and have it go up and down with the keyboard arrows.

    loopmidi is enabled as input and output in midi tools and it is enabed in reaper.

    now using the keys should change options in Live COnfigs?

  • while using the midi tools fader and watching the loop midi driver i can see tht it is processing data. With the live configs window open and the monitor button chosen i dont see any commands coming in when i move the fader in midi tools

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    Make sure the midi input track is armed and it is set to all midi channels from all midi inputs, as that virtual CC controller gets moved, you should see the rows change on SWS Live Configs

  • @pipelineaudio said in anyone on windows tablet?:

    o all midi channels from all midi inputs, as that virtual CC controller gets moved, you should see the rows change on SWS Live Configs

    wht is supposed to be set as the input track in the extension?

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    could this mke it not work? lol maybe

  • ok i installed miditoreacontrolpath

    Is there any specific reason I could not change bias out for someting else?

  • Ok yeah so I got it switching. So basically just using that to switch channels.

    So tell me what the spillover dealio is and how it works. I have to figure it to work with my specific reberb vsts like valhalla

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    So I'm using SWS Live Configs mostly as an action loader, so I'm not really using the input track function of it...If I were, this is all duck soup, and it can do ANYTHING without even thinking about it. The issue with that is the long switching times and either dropouts and/or glitches, depending on how its set, the big big big reveal here was creating the plugins to crossfade properly.

    Eventually I want to replace Live configs with this:

    Right now, MIDI to ReaControl path is critical to making it work, eventually I hope to eliminate it. The other plugins there don't matter

    You can change Bias out for whatever you want, this is just my particular template. Be aware, that at least for the one I sent this morning, there are some functions sent by CC27 and 28 to control and autoengage the wah (but you could assign that to anything, like using the Whammy pedal in Bias as a tremolo for a les paul)

    The plugin Midi Fade X in this case is what controls the crossfades between tracks, I have it set pretty quick, but if you want a Soldano X99 type of effect, you can set it a lot slower and it does BEAUTIFUL swells. I have one setup where it does the clean to distortion thing from Black Sabbath's Children of the Sea.

    FOr the spillover, the way I'm doing it is that I think tracks 4, 6, 7 and 8 are sending to it. In this case, those tracks also have their master send disabled (they don't need to be, and in fact you could set up an output mixer to have total control and a script could switch mixer presets instantly, if its a JSFX mixer). The spillover track is live all the time, the midi control just turns on or off tracks that are going to it. Its similar to how SWS Live Configs stock works, sort of, but without any of the delays or glitches.

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    also, are you trying this one? Template with Spillover pitchproof Bias Wah.rpp?dl=0

    It shouldnt have the BC chorus, and I need to see if the "Pipe Midi Filter" plug is loading for anyone else

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    I'm still running into a bug where the Bias FX wah won't always work unless you show the Bias FX GUI first

  • i like this. a lot.
    i have to get deeper into it, especially the crossfade and the sillover

    i assume the spillover will be for like delay and reverb tails to continue when switching patches?

    the crossfade swells thing..kind of not understanding this.

    im looking at your spreadsheet. are you just hoping to have 5 actions happen when a track is selected? so in short you want one midi code assigned to multiple actions?

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    yeah thats what the spillover is for.

    The crossfade is optional, but without it, you can just run regular sws live configs or better yet, sws restore saved mute and solo state, which can be a lot simpler

    The spreadsheet thing would be just like what I'm using SWS for, except it would be easier to add new commands, right now I have to rewrite all the macros if I change something.

    There is also a crossfade script you can try as well, it works very well

    Basically, the MIDI Fade X plugin takes a CC command to optionally unmute (though I'm doing that part in a macro) and then fade in. A different command will fade it out, and after the fade out, send another cc command, in this case, tomute the channel

  • i just finished wiring up my protype midi switcher. know of any goood monitors so i can test it?

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    What kind of monitor do you mean? You could plug it into ReaControl MIDI VST and hit "logging". Just make sure you are enabled on that channel to see MIDI, or use the MIDI to ReaControl Path plugin, or both

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    Did you do pictures of your switcher already?

  • no let me show you really quick.

  • I haven't got an enclosure for it yet. Just in a box that a powered USB hub came in.

    The brain is a teensy 3.2. Like $25 the breadboard was $5 and the switches $1.50 each. I had some jumpers laying around and had some help online with the code.

    Basically how it works is that it is loaded with 5 cc codes.

    If you longpress a switch it will load a set of 5 codes.

    So you can load up 5 different sets of 5 codes with just these 5 switches.

    The code is customizable so you could do the loangpress to load banks and then when one switch is pressed have it send the code but also load up 5 more codes at the same time.

    So with careful planning you can have access to a lot of different controls.

  • I guess my camera can't upload photos here because they're too big? Here's some IG links

    Once I get the programming down I'm going to build in helix ish screens and a nice enclosure.

  • I'm able to see it in reaper and in midi tools but I can't seem to see what codes are being sent by the switches, if any at all.