How to rotate the app on an Android.

  • I was a bit disappointed to see that the Spark app does not rotate on my Android tablet (Dragon K10), as it does on an IOS device. Fortunately, there is an app called Screen Orientation Control that will allow you to control the orientation of any other app, and it seems to work well with Spark. Not everything is a perfect fit in landscape, but to me it 's still more functional than the native portrait mode. You can find it at

  • I have the same disappointment. My tablet cover is setup to be a stand in landscape mode. Also the charger input would be at the bottom when in portrait mode. Granted that is a bad design on Samsung's part, but limiting for me non-the-less. Looking forward to landscape mode in Android version.

  • @howard-dale2 Doesn't your display rotate 180-degrees if you turn it so the charging cable attachment is at the top?

  • @dhbailey Spark doesn't rotate at all on android, its fixed in one portrait position.
    Its shoddy app design.

  • @dhbailey Yes it will, but as carl.galilee says the Spark app doesn't allow any rotation. So with Spark app for Android I'm stuck with the power plug down only.

  • With iOS 14 just having been released, apparently with only a 2-day "We're releasing it whether you're ready for it or not" warning, many app programmers are scrambling to ensure that their apps will work properly with iOS 14. I wonder if the Spark programmers are working hard on that issue and perhaps once they're assured that the Spark app will work properly under iOS 14, they'll turn their attention to the Android version of the app. One can only hope . . .