Guitar sound issues through my headphone

  • Hey everybody, newer guitar player. I have an ibanez RG series, scarlet solo, and now bias fx 2. No matter how I change things up on my signal chain it just doesn't sound good through my phillips stereo headphones. It just sounds like im playing through an old low quality amp. I get crackling, tons of feedback from barely lifting my hand off of my picking hand, I just can't get a clean riff in without so much unwanted noise. I think the culprit may be my 1/4" stereo male to 3.5mm stereo female cable adapter. I say this because when I watch youtube videos while it's plugged in, the videos sound horrible as well. But my headphones work fine when they're plugged directly into my laptop for music/videos. I just can't get a clean sound that I hear everybody on youtube playing with. I've tried various audio buffer sizes, and messed with the noise gate as well. My pinch harmonics used to be fat but now they sound deflated.

  • @arlovski15 what are your settings on the scarlet solo? Is the audio driver selected as the ASIO in bias settings? check your signal chain. are the cabs turned on?

  • Check the forum for grounded power adapter - most noise issues come from this and mine were no different.
    Luckily I had a toshiba laptop power adapter to do A/B comparison (switch off the noise gate).