Noise with USB cable unplugged.

  • Hello,

    My spark has started making a horrendous noise when the USB cable is unplugged and will only stop when USB cable is connected to PC?
    Have tried multiple cables and same.
    Anyone else having this issue.

    Cheers in advance

  • @gloog15 Is the "horrendous noise" a low-pitched hum? If so you have a defective power supply and need to get a replacement grounded power supply from PG. Where that bad noise goes away when you've hooked up the USB cable to the computer I'd say that's your problem. Others who had ungrounded power supplies which caused hums through the amp found that attaching the USB cable to a computer that was plugged in made the noise go away, which is why i think your problem is the same. Check your computer power supplies that you might have lying around the house and look for one that is rated 19volts, at least 2.4 amps (it can be higher but should not be lower), and has a plug which fits the power adapter jack on the Spark and is clearly marked tip-positive. Try that on the Spark and if there is no noise when you unhook the USB cable, then it's clearly your power supply.

  • dhbailey Thanks for the response.

    First thing I did was swap out the PSU due to noise issues when using Humbucker loaded guitars. New PSU resolved this.

    Worked prior with USB unplugged but now won't have it.
    Almost like an earthing issue with the USB Port.....?
    Noise without USB plugged in.
    Resolved when plugged in at both ends or touch the PC end of the USB cable. Or if it touches the PC casing???