Spark Amp making lound hum noise

  • My spark amp came recently and was having hum issues but was able to play by grounding it with the usb cable,
    but today it seems the noise is coming at a higher level and even the guitar cable unplugged, the usb grounding also dont work
    when i switch the 1,2,3,4 buttons the noise level keeps increasing. when guitar plugged in there is no guitar sound only noise it seems,
    i have checked the firmware too and its the latest one
    any one having the issue, i have reported to the contact support with videos but no reply,
    Any help
    video i uploaded to the help:

  • This post is deleted!

  • If you're plugged into a laptop you'll need to have the laptop plugged in for ground. I'm not sure if it needs to be on.

  • @getmutti This sounds like the same grounded power supply issue so many of us have experienced. Recommend you request a replacement Power Supply as identified on many threads in this forum. Just search for Hum or Power Supply and you'll get all the info you need.

  • @getmutti That problem sounds different from the ungrounded power supply problem -- the ungrounded power supply problem goes away when the USB is connected to a computer that is plugged into the wall . But the hum from the ungrounded power supply would still allow the guitar sound to come through -- if you're not getting any guitar sound at all, it's a problem with the amp itself.

  • @dhbailey yes before i am able to play, now there is no guitar sound at all, only loud noise, can use the phone app and connect to amp but and disable the noise from the noise gate and use as a bluetooth speaker.

  • Ive got the same issue with my Spark. Had it for around a week now. Makes the same noises as yours. No sound from the guitar at all. Have logged to let with PG and await response. Not impressed at the minute.

  • Hum seems to be because power supply is not grounded to earth. I created a separate plug with only an earth wire and connected to USB cable connected into Spark (the outer part of the USB plug that normall goes into a computer) - crystal clear now. Same effect as plugging USB Cable in computer that has grounded power supply

  • Ill give credit to PG. Raised a ticket yesterday for mine. Replied this morning saying replacement being sent ETA 14 days. Returns Label to be sent to return faulty product. Will also send grounded power supply.