• I both licenses for Bias FX 2 Elite Version for Desktop and I want to transfer the license on my new laptop. I tried To Logout to old device and I tried also to uninstall to the old device but still can't activate the License to my new laptop. PLEASE Help!!!!

  • @mr-korg How did you uninstall it? By deleting the program or by running the uninstall program? According to the FAQ, you have to run PG's uninstall program, which is supposed to deregister the host. The uninstall program comes inside the installer package, although I don't think that it it installs it on the system.

    So, I think you have to download the install package to the old system, and then run the uninstall program. If you have both the BIAS standalone and the BIAS plugins installed, you may have to download BOTH the standalone package AND the plugin package, and then run the uninstall program for both packages.

    If it still doesn't work, then you'll probably have to contact customer support for them to deregister the old system(s):

  • i already do the two way of uninstallation. still can't install it in my new device.