Shipping Tracker

  • Have web boss fix it, farm it out, etc.

    PG tracker couldn't find dirt in a corn field.

    Before I rx'd my Spark, it went from only ordered to order doesn't exist then back to just ordered... After I received it, still said just ordered, not shipped. No bag yet. Finally ran across a post regarding bags shipping schedule. I shouldn't have had to search.around.

    I understand growing pains and demand issues. Customer service reputation can attract and generate repeat customers...or 180° a company. Service is more important than product for biz. Gotta have a good product BUT support has to be there or eventually...well, obvious result.

    Spark is a fabulous product. I really enjoy mine. I am not young, not a rookie, and not amp poor by a long shot. I chose to buy a Spark. My biz partner has one and I was sold on it. Consider if I had read all the forum posts before I bought. Would I have bought a Spark or a competing product with better perceived support that could possibly be at my home the next day. An important question to ponder...

    PG Spark is not the only 'cheeseburger in town. Lots of others out there... I hope PG does well... Great product.

    Looking forward to future features and hope things improve in the 'catching up' process...