8 months and counting

  • So it has now been 8 months and I still don't have a working amp. Mine was defective right out of the box. After weeks and weeks of no response from customer service I was finally told a return label and tracking number would be provided once a unit was available. This was on August 20th. Since that email, I know two people that ordered a Spark on the final sale price date of August 23rd and both of them have a tracking number with a delivery date of Tuesday September 8th. Yet as a customer that paid in early February, I still don't have a working product. Very frustrated with the lack of communication and help from Positive Grid's customer service department.

  • @goldbug1974 I am very sorry for your situation -- I know that PG needs to fire their entire customer service department and hire a new customer service head who actually knows how to train customer service reps and can hire decent reps who can actually represent the company in a positive manner. It's too bad that a company with as many good products as PG has put out over the years can't get customer support right.