Bluetooth latency sync android app

  • How do I set the latency of my Bluetooth connection in the android app to sync the sound and the tune progression?
    I just unboxed the amp, and tried the backing track, this was for me the selling point of this amp but it's not usable because of the Bluetooth lag. For now I can't rely on what I see in the screen (~1 sec delay) .
    I know a good musician should be able to listen and feel when to change chords but it's a practice amp and my rhythm sucks, I was hoping to practice my rythm but with about one second delay it's really confusing!
    Please advice.
    I am considering returning the amp though its only a missing feature in the android app.

  • it's a desktop amp not a practice amp.
    Theres way too many problems with the practice features of the app as well .