A Little Love for a Change

  • I know the early adopters had a frustrating time waiting months for their amps to arrive - and I feel for them. But I did want to share a pleasant surprise I just had, that hopefully is a sign of good things to come for new orders - a FedEx truck pulling up to my house with my new amp! I ordered on August 19.

    The funny thing is I never received an email or a tracking number - in fact the website still says “Your amp will be shipped around September 2nd”

    Probably helps that I live in SoCal, but still - THANKS PG!

  • Ordered on Aug 13th delivered on Aug 28th to Canada, east coast. Did get shipping date

  • Same here. Took about 2 weeks to receive my order. I DID get email notifications along the way, but they were initially in spam, check there first if you don't see anything.