• Well I'll be damned! I have no idea what happened, but I opened them both(BA Pro 1 & 2) an hour later in my DAW and they basically sounded the same! Problem completely disappeared! So weird. The only thing I did figure out is if you find some models that sound dark, and all the high end is rolled off, etc. It's the mic placement(!) Even though they look the same, (1 & 2). They're not. So, say you dial up a JCM800 in BA 1 & 2: ? You'd have to move the mic closer (if not dead hovering) to the cap in BA 2 for them to sound the same, and sometimes a bit of distance tweaking. But that is it! Zero EQ changes. I checked and it's now working in both standalone and in my DAW with no issue. Both platforms *passed the A/B test(!!!) And I tested literally every stock amp w/stock cab without touching a thing, and a few models required the mic to be moved a bit to sound exactly like the 1st version, but maybe the new "colors" are more accurate and true? Idk. I just know what a Marshall is supposed to sound like, lol.

    Like I said. I went through every stock amp to make sure they were all pretty spot on. They were, and there was nothing like I was describing earlier! So hopefully everyone with this issue will be benefit from this. Idk. Maybe try to reinstall it(?) But, I'm up and running great(a few crashes while deleting some duplicates). Gtr. into an Audient iD14 interface through Sierra via JBL LSR-305's, and AKG Q701 cans (Aus.). So,..

    Now I gotta amend every post. Ugh. So glad I figured it out though, I think.. lol!

    Haha, well, it has been an adventure in troubleshooting. Thanks for everyone's input!
    Everyone on Mac go check out AmpL4 for BIAS AMP in the App Store. Best $20 you'll ever spend ;)

    *note: there was originally something very wrong with the install apparently because what triggered this "false alarm" was NOT what others are describing here. At least I hope not. Regardless. I left my home for a few hours and it fixed itself. Cheers!