• I've owned the desktop version of Bia FX 2 for sometime now. Love the whole idea of setting up a new effects chain and the simplicity of adding Tonecloud effects to favourites or Bank1/2.

    I received the amp recently and yes it has some of the features of desktop version but unless I'm missing something the Tone cloud library is limited and swapping out pedals is not possible.

    Any help/comments appreciated

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  • @david-4 One can hope that a future update either to the firmware of the amp or to the app will allow more flexibility, but for now the Spark is limited to what it currently is. My guess is that PG may bring out paid upgrades to the firmware or possible new versions of the app (not merely upgrades) which will cost money and have in-app purchases to increase the number of pedals and introduce the ability to rearrange the order of the pedals. On the other hand, that may be simply hard-wired into the processor chips in the amp and not changeable.

    It's important to remember that PG never claimed that the Spark was anything other than a practice amp, and PG never claimed that the Spark would have anywhere near the power and flexibility of their Bias FX 2 software.

    So I'm not sure why you're disappointed -- I downloaded the app before I purchased the amp and saw just what I was getting. If you're not happy with the amp, you can ask for a refund from PG or post it on ebay -- I doubt it will be there long, especially now that PG has raised the price of a new one by almost $80 and they're not mentioning free shipping anymore. So people will be paying over $100 more to get the Spark than what you paid, so you can sell it on ebay at a profit easily.