Speaker or Headphones?

  • I'm just curious what people are listening to thier Sparks through. Myself, living in an apartment, means it's mostly headphones. I must say this little and sounds really nice though my Samson studio headphones. I'm developing a preference over the speaker.

  • @valascia I'm listening through the speakers most of the time. I did listen through headphones to be sure that jack worked when I first got the Spark. But I have a music room which is fairly isolated from the rest of the house. I figure I'll use headphones when I travel with the Spark.

  • I've tweaked the box to try to get better sound out of, but have found that the headphones sound so much better that it's not even a fair comparison, so for me, head phones is the way to go for now. I experimented with running the headphone jack into my 5.1 surround sound home theater setup and that sounded really good too. The built in speakers/cabinet design are just too "muddy" to be considered good to my ears.

  • @cbrandst that's kind of what I'm finding. It may be due to it's ability to work as a Bluetooth speaker. HiFi and music soakers are two different beasts.

  • It's my living room grab a guitar and play and speakers do just fine, I like the BIG sound they get with a little delay and reverb and don't want to be blasting my ears or wearing headphones.

  • Yeah, it's super convenient just to flip the switch and let er rip, which is why I love it so much. I'm just being super critical of the sound I guess. I'm very happen with what I got for the money. Just can't help tweaking it a bit to get some better sound. But for those who like the sound and have not tried headphones, you are missing out as to my ears it's just that much sweeter!