Why is Spark yelling at me?

  • Does anyone have the occasional glitch where the app becomes nonresponsive, and then there is a loud feedback sound that comes out of the amp and won’t go away until you turn it off? It scares the you know what out of me.

  • OMGGGG yes! That has happened to me several times. scares the sh*t outta me!

  • LOL! I’m not alone! This happens once a day or so, I notice it happens when I’m switching tones. Then the tone I select doesn’t change, so I tap it again, and then BOOOOM.

    Any thoughts on what’s causing this?

  • That has happened to me too, several times.
    Suddenly a very loud screeching sound. The only thing to do is to turn the SPARK off because nothing else is responding.

    Please, Positive Grid, Fix it !

  • Mine did that twice the first day I received it, but has never done it again since (and I am still running the ‘old’ original amp firmware). There are many threads on this topic, and most say a firmware update fixes this.

  • @bschultz8 Ah the age-old firmware update. Going to have to try that, hope it doesn’t brick it. :P

    Anyone know how to do a firmware update?

  • Every time I switch tones - either with the knob or the 4 presets buttons or via the app on my iPad - I get a huge volume spike that won't go away until I turn the master knob. This even happens when the master knob is already set very very low. Turning my guitar volume knob doesnt help. Worse, if the preset is loud to begin with, I get the painful howling feedback you are describing, enough to shake the windows. This happens with the the latest firmware installed. Positive Grid, please address this serious flaw. Not only does it make the Spark unpleasant to use (actually training me to subconsciously dislike the amp by punishing me for playing with different tones), Im afraid it's going to blow the amp speaker over time.

  • @lmrklmrk Get in the habit that before you play any sound on your guitar with a new tone you're trying out, move the master knob a little either direction and then back to where you expect the volume level to be tolerable. Possibly PG will change this behavior with a future firmware update or app update.

  • @dhbailey Thanks for your suggestion, but I've tried turning the the master down low - that was my first idea at a workaround. When switching tones, the amp, however, acts like it is bypassing the master and spikes regardless. Even if i have the master knob completely off, the spike happens when I rotate it back on, even a millimeter. Yes it goes away after I fiddle with the knob again, but it's jarring every time. This happens with any tones, not just new user-shared tonecloud ones that may be configured loud. I do hope PG fix this this soon. I have BIAS FX so I have stopped using the Spark for now, although I prefer the Spark's convenience, and its speaker when it's not barking.