Spark Amp USB/Crackling sound/asio driver Problem

  • Hello!

    I have a problem on my spark amp whenever using it as a audio interface. When I connect it to my laptop using USB cable and play some music, there's a crackling sound along with the music. I've updated the firmware and installed spark asio driver.

    Also when I tried using it in cakewalk Bandlab, when I click record prompt message will appear.



    Lastly I notice in my spark amp driver control panel in ASIO STATUS: It say that "Asio not active"

    Can anyone help me with this issues. My Amp is just a few days old :(

  • @carl-alferezbasadre I believe the USB only works one-way when you're using the Spark to interface to your computer for recording. In other words, you can't use the Spark for playback. You'll need to send the output to a different device for that.

  • I use the spark the the USB as a recording and playback interface. Running at 256 samples and 4800. It works well as the PC audio device for you tube ect: and all PC sounds. Thats using reaper or Studio one for recording and playback while jamming. Just set pc prefs to use spark usb as default output for the rest. I found the driver does not work well with cakewalk. It did work with ASIO4ALL driver tho.

  • I'm having the same issue. Did you manage to fix this?

  • There is a great article I used to fix this problem with recording. It is by Presonus but it's not specific to Studio One for the most part. Take a look if you are having problems with crackling interfaces. It helped me a lot. In many cases it has nothing to do with the interface itself.

  • @scottakam Thank you very much for finding that article and for sharing it with us! I wish there was a subset of the Spark forum labeled something like "If You're Having An Issue With Your Spark, the App, or Recording into Your Computer Look Here First!" and a link to this article should be there so that there won't be a lot of different threads with "I can't record with the Spark" complaints.