Grounded power supply

  • UK Spark owner here. I emailed them a month ago and had to chase for a response which I received a week later. They advised 'waiting for stock' and that I should receive one in two weeks. 3 weeks is nearly up an no update and no random email from any shipping company to advise anything is on it's way to me.

    I've just emailed them again asking for an update and also given them the opportunity to refund me $25.00 and I will source my own.

    *** Update - received a reply giving me a tracking number for DHL. 'Shipping details received' 19th August. At least it's on it's way.

  • I’m reading some on Reddit who submitted tickets around Aug 17 and have received their replacement power supply. Still don’t have mine or any sign of shipment after opening a ticket in July.

  • I have two Amps and therefore two Hum issues. After submitting a ticket for the first Amp I was promised a replacement Power Supply and eventually received a DHL tracking number. About 2-3 weeks after receiving the tracking number, the DHL site showed no movement and said they were waiting for the merchandise. In fact, that tracking number still says "Tracking information received. Shipment not yet picked up by DHL." Today however, I received two replacement Power Supplies. This is obviously a happy accident since customer service just responded to my second inquiry on 4 September and these were already on the way prior to submitting the request. The only way I knew anything was on the way was an e-mail from DHL saying they were sending me something. They sent two way bills (tracking numbers) so I was curious what would show up. I was hoping it would be the Bag that I ordered in May, but that was only a dream. At least the Power Supply issue is solved.

  • Opened a ticket August 4th. DHL shows estimated delivery of the replacement power supply Sept 11th. I thought my hum was bad, but my father in law has a Spark amp and his has a hissing problem that doesn't sound like a 60Hz hum at all. And it doesn't go away when you ground the amp. The odd thing is that is gets much worse as you step through the saved tones. 1 is bad, but it gradually gets worse as you move up the numbers to 4.

  • @widmark I requested mine around that time. Received it today. The plug is not UK compatible so I can't use it. Great stuff!

  • @fortworth said in Grounded power supply:

    @widmark I requested mine around that time. Received it today. The plug is not UK compatible so I can't use it. Great stuff!

    that's ridiculous..
    thats what you get when you have idiots handling these warranty issues.
    How hard is it for someone to actually look at the pin plug and see that's the correct one for the area.... I mean there's only a max of 4 types, if that... c'mon...
    I feel for you buddy...

  • Finally received a replacement power cord/brick from PG - Chinese product sent through DHL. Only used once but it’s a night and day difference. Easiest to test using Old EVH tone, which really didn’t work ungrounded. Very happy with the new sound! It’s so much better, really baffled as to why after all the legit complaints PG doesn’t include a grounded power brick in the first place.

  • Same experience here - finally received the new power supply and the hum issue has gone. It is baffling that PG are still shipping Sparks with the original power supply.