Recording Spark Amp in Stereo. Possible?

  • Anyone know if you can record in stereo either using USB as input or Y cable? I realize the only thing in stereo would be the effects.

  • @timkarr
    I have the same question. ::-)
    As far as I know, no, it's not possible, which I don't like. Both my pedalboards allow me to record in stereo, and they work a beauty. AND the Spark is touted as a "STEREO amp", which would make me think it SHOULD be possible to record from it in stereo. But until now I haven't found a way.
    The strange thing is that in GarageBand input settings it appeared ONCE as "Spark 40 1 - Spark 40 2 - Spark 40 1+2", but when I chose "Spark 40 1+2" it didn't allow me and showed only "Spark 40 1" ever since. I find it a bit weird, but there have been many weird things in that amp. :-)

  • When you say stereo, do you mean two separate tracks? I have seen the option in GarageBand to make a track stereo. When I was using Audacity Stereo would give you 2 independent tracks, but I haven't seen that in GarageBand.

  • @valascia I was thinking of using a 1/8 stereo TRS splitter cable Inserted into the headphone out on the Spark, which splits to two TR 1/4 Guitar cables, plugged into channel 1 and 2 of my usb interface. Waiting for the cable to arrive so I haven’t tried it yet. Wondering if I will get true stereo delay, reverb this way.

  • @timkarr I've used that method with a mixer in Audacity but not with GarageBand so I'm curious to what you get. I wonder how different it would sound from just duplicating the track and panning them to the left and right.

  • tell me... whats the point of having usb recording if you can't record in stereo L/R?
    After all, it's a digital modelling amp with stereo mfx like delays and choruses...
    If it really doesn't have stereo usb recording, then what's the point? You have to use the analog signal on a digital amp?
    can't be.....
    you guys must be doing something wrong

  • @crystalpit

    Yep, it may well be. BUT, GarageBand for example shows "input Spark 40 1+2", but then whan adding a new track you care allowed only "Spark 1", no way to get it stereo (that I found, at least); true that I'm no expert in these things, but I have no problems whatsoever recording stereo from my Digitech RP-355 nor from the ZOOM G5n. :-)
    Same in Audacity.
    What I don't get is why in the hell does the "input" panel show the Spark as "stereo" (1+2) but the track has to be mono, while with the pedalboards it's "stereo" by default.

  • I wonder, are there any effects in the Spark that take advantage of a stereo spread? I haven't seen any delays that send the echo from one ear to the other. Sure the chorus effects "sound" in stereo. I know from my Vox which had options for the USB output, one was a two channel hot and dry output but it still appears in GarageBand as a single track.