Gig Performer with Bias FX

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    Grabbing this now. If the mods think this is not a topic that should be here, delete it, but it sure feels like one of the missing links to me:

    One of the big issues I have been facing trying to script together a decent live pedalboard setup are the toggling nature of the individual FX in Bias FX, so in order to ensure a certain state of a plugin, it would require reloading a preset, which is far too long of a dropout time between sounds.

    I have resorted to setting the wah as a separate plugin, and using the hosts actual dry/wet or bypass controls under control of actions to continuous controllers in order to deal with this.

    Hopefully I can draw a use case scenario and see what you Gig Performer guys think can be done

    So here's my pedalboard

    Switches 1-5 and switch 10 send CC's (I could use some means (JSFX, actions, some of piz's VST's whatever) to change these to PC messages if need be)

    Switches 6-9 send PC's

    Two expression pedals are sending CC's

    Switches 1-4 and switches 6-9 call up patches, presets, whatever you want to call them
    Switch 5 is tap tempo
    Switch 10 pops a tuner up on the screen and mutes the output. Ideally NOT Bias FX's tuner as it has some trouble detecting my two lower strings. I have an action set up to call ReaTune for this

    The rub here is that I want a wah, both controlled by one of the expression pedals, and I want it to auto engage. I don't care if it is a single wah placed before all the other presets, or if it is a wah inside the FX themselves.

    What I want to make 100% sure of, and here comes the tricky part, at least for me in BiasFX, is that I want the wah state to be OFF when I switch to a new preset, regardless of what the current state is.

    Bias's toggle system makes this tricky, and simply switching it to latching most likely will not work here as CC#x value 0 seems to toggle and not set the wah only to off

    How would you deal with this setup?

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    Wait, does this thing not run as a VST inside a DAW?

  • I have no trouble loading Bias FX as a VST in FL Studio...
    Realized my mistake just as i hit Submit, sorry =x

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    I meant gig performer

  • @ash-wolford : you can delete post, beau. Those dots there.

    @pipelineaudio : thanks for the tip-off, though I've just been watching and taking in your efforts and fruits of labor. I haven't thought that far about live, and I don't have a mobile PG rig, though I have been thinking about it.

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    This is really smart! I havent wrapped my head around it much, but I see it can do a lot of things that are REALLY difficult with SWS live configs, and the switching is AWESOME! Crossfaded

    Cant really figure out how to save changes inside a plugin to variations or how to auto engage a wah, but lots of good here

  • @pipelineaudio Gig Performer is a host, just like Logic, Cubase etc... except Gig Performer is focused on live performance rather than recording.

  • @pipelineaudio Variations are saved based on the widgets you put on the front panel. So if you had a widget in the front connected to the volume parameter of a plugin for example - every variation will be able to have a different volume.

    Otherwise ... simply copy the rackspace completely and change anything you want within any of the plugins you have in that rackspace and everything will be saved automatically. As you already noted - there is none cross-fading that can be controlled completely when you switch between rackspaces.

    For the wah - I usually drop a switch and an expression pedal widget onto a panel and connect those to the wah's on/off and value parameters. Then I connect those two widgets to my MIDI expression pedal and the on/off to one of the buttons I have on my foot controller (FCB1010) . That's all really - I can now switch the wah on/off and control it completely.

    Here is a video showing a simple way to control your rig, add pieces from different manufacturers etc..

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    Is that turning the wah on and off by moving the pedal, or do you have to hit the switch?
    The way Tonestack and axe fx among some others can do it, just moving the pedal bypasses or unbypasses the wah.

    We had to do some serious PITA jsfx to get it doing that in reaper, not sure if it can be done in gig performer

    Is there a way to put a button to open a specific plugin window from the rack? I haven’t soent enough time with it yet, but my only real difficulty so far seems to be getting to plugin windows quickly. Other than that, this really feels like something that puts a Bradshaw board to shame

  • @tannhauser said in Gig Performer with Bias FX:

    @ash-wolford : you can delete post, beau. Those dots there.

    I did, but he replied to it at the same time so I restored it to retain context.

  • @pipelineaudio you can open plugin windows using the built in scripting if you really have to do that, but I would advise agains it.

    Same goes for the various widget movements. You could use a simple script to program anything you want. If you wanted to bypass the pedal if your expression controller goes below certain threshold - you could do that and then switch it back on if it goes above that threshold essentially automatically switching the wah on/off based on the position.

    I suggest you post that question in our forums.

  • @pipelineaudio is gig performer working better for you?

    I just had a practice this week putting my PC running some Kazrog amps into a PA and it sounded really legit. Im actually building a midi pedal around a Teensy arduino chip. Ill have to program the chip but thats gonna be based on how I need to setup the midi based on the VST Host.

    Definitely watching your project to decide between Reaper or Gig Performer or Cantible

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    @brian-dress it looks like I forgot the extra time it takes for routing in reaper, so last night testing on some crappier laptops, I found I had to
    Here’s last nights testing with a really crappy laptop and the Sonoma Wireworks studiojack miniadd more latency to the sound card than I would have without the extra routing to the spillover delay.

    I’m going to compare the same sort of thing today to what latency I would need in gig performer. I still don’t understand intuitively how to use gig performer but they are being above and beyond helpful, so I should hopefully have some results some time today.

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    Last night I tested live Configs with three layers of routing. One from the audio input, to the individual preamp sounds to the the last layer of delay and things so that there would be spillover when changing presets. The switching time is insane with this particular set of actions, but some crossfading scripts are in the works from mschnell to make it even smoother

    This was with a Sonoma Wireworks studiojack mini and I was trying to get the crappiest oldest reasonable laptop to see how far down I could go. I also tested the same setup with the same interface on the desktop to see how much the system mattered vs the audio interface drivers. I could only go one latency tick lower on the desktop than the laptop so I’m suspecting the additional routing time is the real culprit.

    On the desktop I could get it down to latency I’m happy with but the laptop was a bit higher. I’ll try some other interfaces today if I can as well

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    Sorry I have to keep adding new posts, something with the forum software is making it impossible to type after hitting return without it erasing earlier spots today.
    Here was some playing with it on the craptop