Used "Y" cable out of headphone jack into Audio Interface for Recording

  • Did some recording today using a "Y" cable (Single 1/8 inch into two 1/4 inch) into an audio interface with preamps that include DI capabilities. The results were very good. I was able to record two mono tracks and one stereo track with this config. This will probably be my go-to set up for recording when I use the Spark as the ASIO is too limited and would not allow tracking with other musicians. Just posting this so people know that recording out of the headphone jack works fine.

  • @dgkenney Thanks for confirming this for us. I'm about to order one of those Y cables. Which one did you order and did you need to use a headphone extension cord to get closer to the computer for recording without having to move the Spark?

  • @dhbailey I get a lot of my cables from a place called Monoprice. They are value priced and my experience is that they make good cables that stand up to studo and giging wear. The one in question is similar to this one: You have a choice of 3feet or 5 feet.

  • @dgkenney

    Spot on DG, Great recommendation. Monoprice is a great source for a TON of electronics cabling and other “stuff”. Prices are really good, shipping is VERY reasonable (here in California I’ve gotten overnight for like 5 or 6 bucks). Keoki Kudos for that recommendation. Well done!