What is maximum number of presets?

  • What is the maximum number of presets you can create and/or download? Thanks

  • @idiot88 Make sure you are talking about the correct things -- there are 4 presets which you can store on the amp itself so you don't need a phone or tablet running the app once you've stored those. Then there are the tones you can download from the tonecloud, where there are many thousands of tones (over 10,000 if you believe the Spark hype). You can download and use any or all of those tones on your amp when you use the app on a bluetooth device. The only limit on how many you can download and store on your device is the amount of available storage on the device itself. There is no numerical limit. And you can set any of the tones you've downloaded (or created yourself and saved on your device) as one of the 4 presets stored in the amp itself.

    So you can only have 4 presets stored on the amp at any given time. But you can have an unlimited number of tones stored on your device to use whenever you want.

  • @dhbailey Thanks. Yes, I was referring to the number of tones stored on my phone.