Interfacing Spark Amp with a PA Mixer to External Speaker

  • I just ran my spark amp through a Yamaha MG12 PA Mixer to a powered speaker Mackie Thump 1000 watt Monotor. And it Sounds really amazing.

    What you need to do is run a wire splitter from the headfones input on the spark amp out into the input of the mixing board via RCA cables to the Mixing board inputs. You achieve this with a splitter cable y cable, the small jack end gets plugged into the spark amp headfones jack input on top of the spark amp, and the two RCA cables out from the splitter go direcrly into the stereo input of the mixing board. You then run a speaker wire from your mixing board input to a powered speaker. You then plug your guitar jack into the spark amplifier input jack. And there you go. It's simple.