PG spark offer ends 23 August 2020

  • I see PG has updated its online sale page with a delivery of 5 to 7 days.
    Maybe now they will concentrate on sorting out the app and adding or expanding more features

  • @crystalpit

    Yes indeed one would hope they have the new order shipping in hand (finally). Personally before they start adding features I would hope 1) they would concentrate off getting the numerous older orders in shape. and they very well may have does that, then 2) I'm hoping they'll address any known hardware issues. The most common of which seems to be the ground hum associated with the OEM Power Supplies and 3) as you say some serious app software and amp firmware work to correct connectivity issues, Bluetooth latency and the other odd problems people are having. I'd hate to see them just start throwing new "sparkly shiny stuff" out that might compound existing software and firmware issues. My current concern is how they are tracking and prioritizing issues...

  • The same page says they are now "In Stock," so that is why there is no wait. I agree with @Keoki in that they should get the backorders filled before doing other things. Lots of people still waiting for Bags and Headphones form pre-orders, and Power Supplies to resolve hardware issues.

  • @cmcwillieb It's important to remember that the bags, headphones and powersupplies are all manufactured by other companies over which PG has no control, so PG is at the mercy of those other companies' manufacturing and shipping schedules. So in the meantime, until those things become available I see no reason why PG shouldn't be working on other things like improving the app, trying to add other pedals, or allowing us to rearrange the sequence of the pedals in the chain. The development team is separate from the other departments at PG.