Custom Genre’s

  • Can you define your own, custom, genre’s? The default genre list is far too limiting. And while I’m asking questions; what’s up with no Jazz genre? ;)

    Thanks in advance!

  • @sicnarf If you want PG to take note of your request you need to submit a support ticket using the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page. While PG may monitor this forum, there's no guarantee that they will send such suggestions to the development team. With a support ticket your request stands a better chance of being sent to the development team and joining the many other requests for additional genres and for the customizing of our genre lists in the app on our own devices.

  • Along with what @dhbailey said, be on the lookout for any feedback survey requests. I haven't seen any for the Spark yet, but remember getting one via email after purchasing BIAS FX. One of my suggestions on the survey for FX was the same, wondering why they put time into an "Insane" genre, but not Jazz or Country or R&B -- all huge genres. But they're maybe not in the target market.

    With BIAS FX, they do have five more genres on ToneCloud (the above three, plus Reggae and Funk), but FX itself has the same as the Spark (plus "Insane"). Although the Spark doesn't seem to have the five extra genres on its own ToneCloud.