Bias 2 upgrade

  • Well, I just demo’d the new BIAS 2, and it is so much better than the first version, the demo is really nice! I want to upgrade ($50 is pretty good), But what Don’t I get with that? The amps are all good sounding and this beats out Helix Native at $400 easily (I just don’t like helix very much). First time round here on the forums too!

    Basically I use a fender strat, and a Chapman 8-string, sounds pretty nice, and I want to know what I’m missing with the $50 upgrade as opposed to the big one. Mainly because I don’t know what the Demo has compared to the basic full version.

  • Thanks, but I mean compared to the demo, like is the demo using the celestion cabs?

  • The demo is Std level without nags/volume drop-outs.

  • @bradley_ames75 You can get the Pro version and be fine. But don't skimp on the Std version! It doesn't give you half of the goodies! You can always upgrade to Elite later. And by "goodies' I mean things like extra pre/power amps, IR loader, and most importantly: Ampmatch™

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