Output Control Stopped Working

  • I finally received my Spark after a 3 1/2 month wait. Initially the amp worked just fine however after three days the Output control stopped working and overall amp output seems to be stuck close to or at maximum. The "Master" control still works fine when modifying any of the factory presets or presets downloaded from ToneCloud.

    I have a support case open however to date they have only asked me to provide a video of the issue, which I have done, and try to use the app to sync the output control. The output control is not even available in the app as it controls overall output of the Spark vs. volume of individual presets and amp models.

    Has anybody else run into the same issue? How is support handling it for you? This is my first experience with Positive Grid support and I'm starting to worry at this point...


  • @chris-2 Have you tried a factory reset? Have you updated the firmware?

  • Sorry, should have commented in my initial post. Yes, I have tried several factory resets and my Spark is running on the most recent version of firmware. I have not heard from support since Thursday, August 6th.