Tracking Status keeps asking me to fill in a form

  • Hi There

    I've ordered a spark in Feb and not yet received it. So it goes .. but every time I go on to check my order status it keeps asking me to fill in a form.

    I'm a bit worried now that this is lost in the system somewhere and there is a serious lack of customer correspondence going on that I can't get any feedback from anyone at Spark that they've even received my updated details.

    Is anyone else having this issue?


  • Same here. It's very concerning

  • @niall-clancy what form Niall? I have to fill in my email and order number to check on mine. Just ordered, on the 31st July, when I was drunk one night 😬

  • Same here! 😤

  • @josephsbrown3 its a Google form they direct you to if they think some of your details are missing.

    I ordered back in Feb, mate of mine I recommended Spark to got his this week...he ordered in May. Lol

    this indicates to me that some of those pre-the 'we're-sorting-our-shit-out' emails started, have had a line in the sand drawn and we've been sent to the back of the queue so they can get the order re-entered into their new CMS.

    Poor form. It wouldn't cost them to provide us a free years sub to their Software as a recompense or somesuch...

  • @niall-clancy There was just an email release from PG and it addressed the issue of lost information. It says that to check whether some information is missing from your account, "If you have not received a tracking number by now, we might be missing some of your shipping information. While we have attempted to reach out, we may have missed you. Please visit your Spark order status here and follow the instructions to ensure we receive the proper information from you." The word "here" is a link to this web-page: (you may need to click on the "Track Order" link at the top of the page). That way you should know you are giving your information directly to PG.

  • @dhbailey I finally got a tracking number after months of being in limbo, and I just realized something. After I had gotten a response from Customer Service about how my amp would ship before the end of August or early September, I had sent a number of complaint messages citing others in my region who had ordered after me but already had their amps and in the last message I sent I said "please reply by telling me you are sending my amp out immediately! The shipping address is . . ." and I listed my full shipping address. That was sent on August 3rd. Here we are on the 6th and my amp is in the hands of UPS. I wonder it that was coincidence or not . . .

  • Still nothing from Customer Service.

    Still being asked to fill in a form (have done so 5 times at this stage)

    C'mon PG, you're better than this surely...

  • @niall-clancy said in Tracking Status keeps asking me to fill in a form:

    C'mon PG, you're better than this surely...

    Or are they . . .

  • Hi

    Just to update, I received a tracking number today. So hopefully tis on the way now.

    I understand what with covid, releasing a cool new product on the market and meeting that pent up demand can put a strain on the company. All variables that can upset the supply line. And all completely understandable

    But the dire lack of customer support representatives / interaction will be the lingering memory of my Positive Grid experience for a while ...

    Sort out your first line customer support and then we'll talk about me being able to make a confident recommendation of PG to my mates. For the foreseeable anyway

    Thanks for sorting out the shipping eventually anyways ... will look forward to its arrival now.