BIAS Amp 2 is a major improvement!

  • I installed BIAS Amp 2 last week. I have previously been using BIAS Amp & BIAS FX. As soon as I began clicking on the various options (Crunch, Metal. etc.) I was blown away by the improvement since BIAS Amp 1! I have been using BIAS FX most of the time as the original BIAS Amp was good but I was not able to find or create amps that I immediately liked. With the new version I can't find amps that I don't love! Right out of the box they sounded awesome and the reality level of the sound is so much better. I really feel like I am playing a live amp sitting on the floor! I was then able to easily tweak a few amps to create my own versions that I think kick butt. I have nothing to do with Positive Grid aside from being a customer so I have no reason to post a good review if I didn't feel that way about the product. PG, you guys have made this my go-to amp sim, and I can't wait until the BIAS FX compatibility is established as that will give so many more options. Good work!

  • I is now a viable product for me where v1 wasn’t. The deal killer for me on v1 was that no matter what models you were using, dropping the amp gain knob below 5 resulted in a tinny, thin sound. I am not a high gain guy, I was trying to dial in 60’s Cream/Hendrix tones. I tried every workaround inside the deep editing, nothing resolved it.

    I read the v1 manual in detail and found one sentence mentioning this - it said this was on purpose, since that’s what real amps do. Well...maybe amps with really bad bright cap design, but it’s not the norm. They quoted some psychoacoustic effect (not Fletcher-Munson) which I’ve never heard of.

    With v2, as the gain knob dips below 7, the sound starts to get smaller and flatter, but that does match real world amps IME. But it doesn’t get “bb’s on a tin pan” like v1.