USB and Bluetooth input mutually exclusive

  • Re: Unplug USB Cable to Get Bluetooth to Connect

    As discussed in a 3 month old forum post mentioned above, it seems that USB and Bluetooth input to the Spark are mutually exclusive.

    That is to say, if you have USB plugged in, then even though you can connect to it via Bluetooth from, e.g., an iPad, it will not output any sound from that device.

    If you unplug USB, and sometimes re-connect via Bluetooth, Bluetooth input (from either the Spark app or any other app while the iPad is using "Spark 40 Audio" output) works.

    If this is indeed the intended functionality (and constraint), this should be clearly documented in the Spark User's Guide and in the Spark FAQ. It is currently undocumented, as best I can see, as of 2 August 2020.


  • As far as I know the USB on the back is output only. The Bluetooth handles connectivity from a device to the Amp for music and midi or from the amp to the app for preset info.

  • @valascia The bluetooth serves two purposes: 1) output from Spark amp to a DAW on the computer; 2) to update the firmware from computer to the Spark amp. There is the USB, the AUX input jack, and Bluetooth -- using any one of those three turns off the capability of using either of the other two. You can use only one of those three at a time.