A few issues with my amp

  • Hello all,

    I received my amp last week and have been having some issues with it. I've tried contacting support but they only reply once a day, if at all. So, I thought I'd see if you all could help.

    1. The much talked about buzz/hum issue. Sounds like this is a grounding issue from reading this forum. Is it true people are receiving new power cords from Positive Grid?

    2. I have a Galaxy S10 that I'm using for the app. I couldn't get the app to find my Spark amp for a day until I turned on my location services on my phone. But now I'm having issues with the app and the sound of the amp. Whenever I try and use the app to adjust the tone, or to play a preset tone, the amp will cut out every few seconds. I mean completely shut off where the only sound is my string vibrating. I've tried downloading presets onto the amp and then disconnecting the app, but the amp will still cut out with the downloaded tone.

    I've paired the amp with my iPod and my TV and it doesn't cut out. So it seems to be a pairing issue with my phone. But this is the only device I have so if it won't work with my phone then the amp essentially doesn't work for me.

    I really like the amp and when everything is working, it's great. I want to make this amp work but that's been a real challenge since I've gotten it. Any suggestions?

  • Oh I should mention that my firmware is up to date.

  • These are the exact issues I have with my Spark, I thought it was an issue with the guitar but when I tried it with another guitar it was the same. Ditto on the buzz/hum--definitely a grounding issue: there is no other explanation if other users have solved it with a new power supply. I sincerely hope Positive Grid provides current owners with grounded power supplies and begins to supply them with all orders going forward because no one should have to ask for them after the fact, and that will save them money in the long run: good for them, and good for their customers.

    A tablet is probably a better choice for running the Spark app; notification sounds come through when connected, and on an Android phone the knobs for the amp are difficult to adjust because of the size of the screen (for me at least). I'll be investing in an inexpensive tablet for the Spark (pretty sure it won't work with Kindle Fire without successful installation of Google Play and I never had luck with that, but it's an older Kindle).

    Another issue I might bring up (perhaps in another thread) is lack of support for Linux users. How, for instance, does one update the amp's Firmware using Linux? I've found nothing on the web at all regarding this and I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise, but there are plenty of musicians out there using Linux. Hopefully this will change if Spark catches on and becomes more broadly used and, hopefully, more usable.

  • I forgot that my wife has a Samsung tablet so I grabbed that and installed the app. You're right, the app works much better on a tablet. With that said, 5 minutes into playing and the sound started cutting out or the amp every other note.