Spark App Categories- Can They Be Edited?

  • Hi, new here. Can the App Amplifier Categories be edited? For instance, I have no value for Metal, Bass, and Acoustic. I would like to add Surf and Country. Is this possible? Thank you.

  • No, it's not able.

  • I agree this should be done in a firmware update. We should be able to set any amp we want in those slots. For that reason, I only use the preset buttons. They are nice but 4 is a bit limited.

  • @scottakam Thanks. They should have left this open to customize by the consumer. People simply have different genre tastes. Maybe they will address this.

  • I am surprised there is no Country category. Myself I would almost like a category based on amp sound, 6l6, 6v6, etc.

  • @valascia I've already submitted a feature request through the Contact Support link at the top of this page asking for the ability for each of us to edit/add/remove categories in the app on our own devices. I urge everybody else who wants this ability to submit their own feature request. The more of us who request these things, the greater the likelihood they get worked on and added to the app.

    Then submit a different feature request asking for more categories and naming the ones you would like to see in the ToneCloud.

    The more active PG sees the user base to be in caring about things and submitting useful suggestions the more likely they will be to actually do something about it.