Bias fx2 midi and meloaudio midi commander

  • I tried it today, and the meloaudio is not recognized by bias fx2.
    This is works fine with bias fx1.

    Any idea what cloud be the problem?

  • @esofron oh, no, I haven’t tested until now, I wanted to try at weekend. Now I am worried, as I have the same controller and it works with BFX1.

  • @korkenknopfus please test it and tell if you find anything.

  • I don't think MIDI control is working at all. I have an FCB-1010 and no commands are recieved - not even cc27. All my other IOS apps work fine and Midi Wrench also confirms that the pedal is working.

  • It also won‘t work with iRig Stomp IO which works flawlessly with Bias FX 1 Mobile. I don‘t think MIDI is implemented at all in a working state.

  • Like you all found fx1 works fine, FX2 with control change but no program change,
    I’m at work now and see there is an update to correct this... keeping my fingers crossed they corrected this.

  • Does it work with the new update? thank you

  • Yes it seems to be fine now...thanks PG!

  • @esofron
    Hello: I think it works with the last update (from today) although I must still learn a couple of things, as it works different as with BFX1.

    First, I noted that it jumps to the right bank even if you are away from it. In BFX1, if I am for example in bank group 0-3 but in Commander is selected group 4-7, nothing happens if I switch patch, but in BFX2 it switches to group 4-7 and activates the selected patch.

    If I assign power toggle to a delay, for example, I can’t see this no more in the button in Liveview, so I must remember what effect is controlled. But I can set up a scene to this button, where this delay can be toggled. In this case I must reset the toggle that I programmed individually in this delay, to avoid conflict.

    In Liveview now it happens nothing if I touch a pedal. To assign midi to an individual pedal I must go to stomp view. I don’t know if this is intended.

    In BX1 there were a lot of assigned pedals as default. Now one must set up this again. But maybe with scenes should this be easier.