Disappointed in the Process

  • Hi all. Let me first say that this IS NOT a rant, merely an opportunity to share one spark story thus far. I ordered my Spark in February, eager with anticipation, KNOWING FULL WELL that it was a pre-order and that I was probably facing a lengthily shipping delay. My first status update indicated a potential March shipping date...then Corona arrived. The shipping date became April, then May, then June and lastly "BEFORE JULY 31st". Sadly, each of those delivery projections came and went without any change in status or delivery info. I completely sympathize with PG employees...launching Spark and trying to meet the pre-orders in our current climate must be an overwhelming challenge; however, more attention needs to be messages being sent out to Spark (and PG) supporters. I'm not asking for more updates; simply, I am asking that you not continue to offer status updates that are not accurate. When I logged into the "Track My Spark" page today, it still says that my Spark will be shipped "BEFORE JULY 31ST"...hmmm, guess not. Worse, I know people that ordered AFTER I did that have already received their Spark. It is a shame that this is the initial experience we are having with this product. I understanding that fulfilling these orders is a gargantuan task, but please remember that it is we, as users, that are supporting you...all we are asking for is a little honesty and clarity. We want to believe not only in your product, but also in your company and its mission to improve the playing experience of all musicians...please help us get there.

  • Thanks for sharing your story. I ordered mine 6/24, and after my own shipping fiasco, I got my unit today. I can only say you've shown a tremendous amount of patience in the ordeal. Hopefully, if nothing else, PG receives the feedback offered here and DRASTICALLY improves the purchase experience going forward. It makes no sense that you ordered something 3 months before me and I received it before you.

  • @snewman02 I ordered May 14th -- PG should not have sent your amp out before the many others who ordered before you but are still waiting. I'm happy for you that you received your amp, but PG's shipping department should all be fired and a whole new staff brought on board who can read numbers sequentially.

  • @dhbailey I fully agree. Honestly I was not expecting it anytime soon. When I purchased in late June I had the knowledge that delivery could literally take 6 months. Early adopters didn't have that advantage. I'm genuinely interested in how logistics can go that bad.

  • I was the same. Ordered in February and watched as people who ordered in May and April were getting theirs. I sent several messages through the Contact Support above including my order information and I think that got my order the attention it needed not that we should have to do that.

  • I got mine on Wednesday (July 29th). Took 23 and a half weeks. I live in Virginia. They clearly have no clue what they're doing, if other US-based customers got it in 3 weeks. Still waiting on the headphones...

  • I got the same message that it would be shipped before July 31st. No emails or anything and it's now Aug 1st.

    Ordered early March and don't have mine yet!

  • @michael-howell I'm going to send them a request for information about my order twice every day until I get some information: 1) through the Contact Support link at the top of this page, and one directly to support@positivegrid.zendesk.com -- I figure that since all the replies I have received in response to support tickets I have submitted (suggestions for improvements to the app) have come directly from the zendesk.com address I'll go directly to them.

    One thing that bothers me is that requests I have submitted through the Contact Support link have gotten responses immediately which are computer-generated but within a couple of days I've also gotten a response which seems to be from a human. But I have gotten zero responses to my requests for information about my order and when I can expect it to be shipped. Which tells me that despite the rosy messages from the CEO that the internal workings of Positive Grid are still very chaotic.

    I'm happy for those of you who have gotten useful replies and have eventually gotten your amps as a result of support requests. I hope that the same holds true for those of us who are still waiting.

  • @gespiel082
    I ordered mine 3/25. The old “squeaky wheel’ adage became glaringly apparent when mine showed up on 7/29. I sent an email questioning at what point do I deem this whole thing a scam and request a full refund in the last week of June. I received several responses from various levels in the company shortly before the CEO’s letter. Long story short, they didn’t want to give up the $. Mine shipped out shortly after that. I didn’t look at the forums until after the CEO responded to us and didn’t realize that mine shouldn’t have shipped for another month according to order number. As a small consolation to you, it DOES live up to the hype. I pray you get yours very soon!