Bluetooth audio cracking at playback.

  • Hi there, I just got my Spark amp on Thursday and whenever I try to use play Bluetooth audio (either tracks from Apple music or the jam tracks built into the app) I get a crackling noise during playback. I have tried resetting the device and made sure my software was up to date. Has anyone else had this problem.

  • I am having a similar issue! My Spark amp is making a consent high pitched humming sound and crackling related to the "Music Volume" knob. This issue is consistent regardless if the Amp is connected to a guitar or Bluetooth device. With the knob up the noise and crackling gets louder. It doesn't go away. When I play music via Bluetooth the quality is terrible on top of the noise and intermittent crackling. It only stops when a jack is plugged into the AUX jack in the back. As far as guitar tones and syncing with the Spark App everything else works fine. The Bluetooth music playback and volume knob is clearly dysfunctional... Right out-of-the-box. I opened two "tickets" with support and still NO word-

  • I have an annoying crackling issue too. I opened a repair ticket on it. So far all I've been told is to do a reset. I did change. My unit will crackle when I use the metronome. Every click by the metronome is accompanied by a horrible crackle. Actually, every command from my phone over bluetooth is accompanied by a crackle.

  • im having the same issue, as a stand alone bluetooth speaker it makes almost like a fax machine squeal noise when the tiny volume knob is turned up. sounds like another device nearby may be interfering with the bluetooth connection. if anyone knows a solution it would be great. i only waited 2 months for mine which is great but i wish it didnt have any issues.

  • I have the same problem, crackling and buzzing as soon as I turn up the music volume knob. Even without music playing. The amp side is quiet.
    I filed a ticket with them.

  • I don’t t have to quote "clibertini "s post because he described in details my very same problem. Let's put it politely - this is ridiculous . I don’t want to think that I have to send it from Germany for a reparation and get it back......My only hope is if someone posts a detailed description of the problem and eventually the solution. Then I can probably find a tech guy who can fix it. The whole thing really sucks

  • Any inputs ?