Sync tones between apps

  • I just received my Spark after 5 months of waiting. It's great!

    One thing I am disappointed in is syncing between apps. I have an iPad and an Android phone. I downloaded a few Tone Cloud presets via my iPad, and saved them in the Rock category. I expected to see them when I used my Android app, but they were not there.

    From what I read it looks as if downloaded tones are only stored locally in the app, and not in the cloud so that all apps accessing my account have the same. My Guitar app from Ultimate Guitar works across devices. Doesn't Spark?

    If not, PG, when will Spark be able to do that?

  • @stan-kubis Until Spark enables that feature, you can mark any tones you download as "Favorites" in the tonecloud and then find them easily to download onto a different device.

  • Thanks. I guess that will work for now. But I also adjusted the tone locally for my gear, so I would have to download and try to make the same adjustments. When PG does this it would be best to sync the locally stored config.

    I suppose I could upload my version to SoundCloud. I just didn't want to clutter that system with my versions that are unique to my set-up.

  • @stan-kubis I hear you about not wanting to clutter up the tonecloud with your personally edited tones which you've adjusted for your tastes and needs. However, until PG figures out how to get things to sync between devices or enables the use of DropBox or iCloud, that's what we'll have to do. I suppose we could use cryptic names such as our initials, the word only and a number, then favorite those in the tonecloud and then download them to our various devices.

    One thing I haven't seen discussed about the ToneCloud yet -- can we delete tones that we've uploaded? If so, then we could sync our devices that way and then delete our tones from the ToneCloud so that nobody else would be using them if we didn't want them to.

  • I've come against this myself. I've created a few tones on my iPad and was hoping to have them on my Samsung phone for playing out. I can send them to the cloud and pull them down but it seems there could be an easier way.