Spark Tracking Nightmare and Customer Support

  • I understand the issue with shipping and everything the Pandemic has done. But I do not get the horrendous customer support. Radio silence? I have sent out two tickets in the course of last 3 months, none of them were replied to. I was monitoring my ticket, and it says it left warehouse and shipped to US. I was under the impression it will arrive here to the Local Distrubution. It was moving through the delivery process okay. Now, today (7/24) it says my order was just placed. It is literally showing the beginning of the whole place order process. What? I tried find a customer support, but there is no human behind this company to give customer much needed answer. That is the main source of frustration - no real person there to tell you what is going on, and you are left at the mercy of automated bots that does not give details as to what is really going on! I placed an order for refund, that never processed, charged my credit card. No customer support reached out to me against my ticket. So I was like ok fine, i will just keep the amp and wait it out. But seeing how my order that was in the middle of the process and suddenly appearing it is back to the beginning has left me feeling sorely disappointed in this whole experience.

  • @dhanadislam When you try to track your order through the spark tracking page, what does it say for a delivery date at the top?

  • @dhbailey

    it used to say it shipped (happened in June) and was going to local distributor. Now it says it is not shipped, it says "we are preparing your order" Like at the very beginning when just place your preorder. Either way, the fact I cannot directly communicate with a customer representative is frustrating. I left them a ticket 2 months ago, they never responded. I left another ticket today. Let's see.

    It says last half of Aug it will be ready to be shipped. That is insane, I had status update Jul 1 that it was in transit already, now they are saying they are preparing my order.

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  • @dhanadislam shipping status often changes suddenly, and some arrive without notice or tracking.
    Relax, you’ll get get it. The more important thing is it working well.

  • So. my package status say its still awaiting shipment and I will be updated once the status changes. But.... 2 days ago my ring cam goes off and there is my spark being placed at my door. My status still says its awaiting shipment. Luckily I live close to my work. I planned to track it and be home when it arrived. I still have no tracking. all im waiting on is my headset now I guess. lol

    Since I cant post again for some reason...
    If you ordered the Spark Traveler Gig Bag or PreSonus HD-9 headphone, it will be sent separately, and you will receive an additional tracking number once it ships.

  • @chritopher144 headphones are in the box with your spark.

  • My shipping tracker claimed that I was at the beginning of the process and yet my Spark showed up two days ago, much to my surprise. I never received a shipping notice nor tracked it through the post.

  • For what its worth, the shipment tracking page for me continues to say that my Spark has not shipped, and yet it arrived two days ago.

    Order will be shipped around Aug 12 - Aug 20
    Ordered : Jun 22 2020
    Shipped : N/A
    Delivered: N/A
    We have received your order. It is being prepared and we will notify you when it ships. Thank you for your patience
    Check out our latest updates (07/30/2020)
    Order details
    Order Total	Date placed
    262.00 USD	Jun 22 2020
    Order items
    Last Chance Special: Spark + Bag
    x 1

  • Same for me but the bag did not arrive with it. Note on the shipping page says bags and headphones will ship separate so again we wait. Staying optimistic

  • @cmcwillieb at least you have your amp to play with while waiting for the bag. Enjoy!