Recording for a Beginner

  • Hi Everyone,
    Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere. I'd like to record myself on the spark when it comes, but I'm a complete noob to using an audio interface. For using Windows 10, what's the simplest way to record audio/video?
    For other equipment, I also have a logitech webcam and a Blue Yeti mic. Could the spark go directly into something like OBS as a source and keep all the settings?

  • You need some kind of DAW to record and edit the audio. You can try Audacity which is free. Most of the big professional DAW companies offer a free but limited version. Even with those limits, still usually better than Audacity.

  • @scottakam BandLab is offering the full version of CakeWalk (was formerly known as Sonar for a while) totally free. It's a full-featured DAW, much better than Audacity.

  • @dhbailey Audacity is very simple if you are just getting started but yes there are many free DAWs with more features. I didn't mention any names trying to avoid starting a DAW war!

  • Thanks, guys. So if I use the spark as an interface into Audacity, whatever I have set on the spark app will carry through into the DAW?

  • @gdpollock The sound of the guitar will carry through to Audacity (or any other DAW). Any backing tracks or SmartJam you are playing to will not carry through to Audacity. To do that you would need to have an audio interface and use a cable from the 1/8" stereo headphone jack on the Spark Amp, split into two 1/4" phone plugs to go into the audio interface, and the name of that interface would be the input device you select in Audacity.