Slick little device.

  • ordered

    So after 158 days, got it updated and finally played through it (headphones only). I'm glad I waited.

    alt text

    Volume through Aux connection and iPad Pro is very good.

    Makes a great practice setup.

    Yes I'm learning, GuitarTricks, so will get to use it an hour a day come rain or shine.


  • Ha, +1 for guitar tricks! Hoping mine comes in next week, or the week after.

  • As a follow up I've also had a chance to play through the speakers now. The experience was under whelming. There is just something off about the balance/eq. Also through the speakers there is a subtle omnipresent hum that you don’t get through headphones.

    For what I purchased the amp for it is fine, especially considering the price, since I will do the bulk of my practicing with headphones.