Feeling cheated

  • So I preordered Bias FX2 mobile as I loved the original. Now I see that they are offering 90 days Truefire for all purchasers. Once again they appear to reward the loyal customers who purchase early with...NOTHING!!!
    I have been very impressed by their mobile apps and also bought (and received) a Spark amp, but it is feeling like we loyal customers are the beta testers and then everyone else gets special treatment to encourage them to buy.
    It's not like they put the price up between the 'early adopters' and now...come on PG, I keep defending your products and putting up with substandard customer service.
    Better communication is required...I'll even come and help you, 'cause we as customers deserve better.

  • Customer Service is in the toilet with this company.

  • @tuck60 Yeap, the ones that fed their mouths early are once again forgotten.

  • Well in all fairness, you were ok with the deal when you pressed the "Buy" button on Bias FX2 mobile. Now that they've added added the Truefire incentive for new customers you don't like the deal.

    IMO - you can't put all of that on PG. If it was the next day or within a short amount of time then I would write them a message to see if they will take care of you...

  • @michael-0 I hope you are getting paid for this post. If you dont, I feel sorry for you.

  • @michael-0 I'm not saying that I'm not ok with me purchasing the product at the deal that was there, however in marketing terms it was promised at deal that was only available as a preorder...when you find that's not true and new customers get the same deal and access to TrueFire and the fact you have been feeding back to the PG team about the bugs and issues, I feel a little bit angry and taken advantage of.
    I really like the products they put out, but there are some issues here about proper customer service.

  • @tuck60 What deal? the "introductory" pricing is still the same $69. So if you bought for $69 very early you didnt get the free 3 months on TrueFire, but if you buy today then you get it. It looks like if you were loyal and bought early, then you actually lost.

  • @elgrantimo64 Exactly, that was my point. Thanks